"The story intertwines history and imagination as it travels across time..."
– The Spectator
Skyline, written by F. Reed Brown, is a journey
that ventures into the wilds of the imagination
and time. It presents an inventive landscape of
theatre, where an aboriginal native from
Australia named Allooloo takes the audience
on a walkabout through the continuum of time
and history that spans Edwin Booth and Laura
Keene’s visit to Sydney and Melbourne in 1852
and lands in Manhattan for a Ground Zero
cleansing ritual post 9/11. Ultimately, characters
find themselves living out the plot of Anton
Chekhov’s The Seagull in NYC in 2001. Unlike
the principle of the irreversibility of time, or even
the Newtonian thought which works backwards
and forwards, we are in Dreamtime, the Aboriginal world view, where every event
leaves a record in the land. Everything in the natural world is a result of the past,
present and future actions of beings, whose actions are continuously creating a
new skyline and world.

A workshop production of
Skyline was performed at The University of Wisconsin-
Eau Claire.  If you are interested in performing
Skyline, please contact Reed.