"UW-Eau Claire took the classic story to imaginative new heights."
– Leader Telegram
A Midsummer Night's Dream
"People swinging from chains, splashing in a pool and climbing up jungle
gym walls all occur in UW-Eau Claire Theatre’s production of William
A Midsummer Night's Dream .

Director F. Reed Brown translates a line from the play...about imagination
that fit his own motivations when creating and collaborating. “It is
imagination which makes people crazy,” Brown said, “but it is also
imagination, which inspires people.”
- The Spectator
© F. Reed Brown
"In place of trees and vines, chains hung
loosely from the ceiling. The play's fairies
seemed to come out of the walls, contorting
themselves around a metal cage surrounding
the intimate, little performance space.
Sometimes multiple scenes went by with
characters hidden beneath smoke and the
surface of a shallow pool encompassing the
floor before appearing again seemingly out of
nowhere to take center stage."
- Leader Telegram
Playing to sold out houses, Brown's A Midsummer Night's Dream was an
excursion into fantasy; a visually stunning and sensuous adventure.