"F. Reed Brown brought his dazzling production to the Parkland this week..."
– Farmington Daily Journal
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"A trip to Rolla was made all the more pleasurable by an affecting and endearing
again for this 25th anniversary presentation"
–Ladue News, 2013 (Wrap-up of the Best St. Louis Theatre in 2012)

"At the New Jewish Theatre, director F. Reed Brown has mounted a strong
production of Born Guilty, Brown tempers the docudrama aspect of the script with
ritualistic staging and a video simulcast that sometimes interacts with the onstage
action, sometimes symbolically comments on it. By the end of the evening, a room
on the video monitor has filled with chairs, echoing the single chair that hangs
from the ceiling of Brown's set. They seem to hold the ghosts of both victims and
–Riverfront Times, St. Louis, MO

"In the Waterbury Festival Players’ current production Anton in Show Business, F.
Reed Brown skillfully directs a spirited ensemble in the quirky farce."
–Seven Days, Burlington, VT

"Silenced Voices echo in Freed-Yorick drama! In the play’s epilogue Emily
Dickinson summarizes the mission of Voices. "The poet lights the lamp and then
goes out himself. But the light goes on- and on."
–Seven Days, Burlington, VT

“Brown’s compact, strong body agilely moves around the stage creating distinct
characters for both brothers... in the plays most dramatic moments Theo actually
metamorphoses into Vincent. It is a clever device created through the use of
simple props and lighting which thoroughly succeeds because of the considerable
talent of the uncannily, Van Gogh look-alike, Brown.”
–Backstage, Jan. 17, 2003

“Brown does an admirable job of portraying the tortured Vincent, but his finest
moments are as Theo, the grief-stricken yet defiant brother who defends and
defines Vincent as an artist.”
–St. Petersburg Times

“The tears welling up in Brown’s eyes reveal the strength of this skillful actor’s
emotions as he plays Theo.”
–Tampa Tribune

“Brown gives a sensitive, intelligent performance...it’s beautifully thought out. –St.
Louis Post-Dispatch

“ F. Reed Brown is tremendous.” –Rolla Daily News

“F. Reed Brown carries off the role with great passion and intense sorrow...he
bears a stunning physical resemblance to Van Gogh. It’s a successful evening and
Brown does a moving job...If you like Van Gogh you’d do well to see this
–KDHX, St. Louis

“F. Reed Brown brought his dazzling production to the Parkland this week...his
one-man show on the life of Vincent Van Gogh is a delightful production.”
–Farmington Daily Journal

"Director F. Reed Brown provides vivid, scary images that make the material come
alive on stage...it's all about the ensemble, and Brown moves them into place to
excellent effect, with good commitment and chilling madness from his entire cast.
Brown uses huge masks wielded by actors on stilts; performers peeping out of
open pits on stage so that all we can see are their eyes and the tops of their
heads; others who sit, completely in character, whimpering or drooling during most
of the play..."
–The Pantagraph (reviewing Marat/Sade)

"Director F. Reed Brown has staged this 'savvy, savage backstage comedy' with a
sure hand and a sharp wit, and Anton in Show Business provides an engaging
evening of thoughtful entertainment."
–The Pantagraph

"The actor distorts his face and body as Treves describes him to us. It's a touch of
virtuoso acting, particularly when done as well as F. Reed Brown, obviously
capitalizing on his dance training, does it in the current production [of the Elephant
- The Riverfront Times