"Bravo...'Voices' was excellent and unique, an unexpected look at these historic figures. Again, Bravo! "
– Martha Edwards, St. James Leader Journal
An original production conceived and directed by F. Reed Brown.

In what has been described as "five solo performances interwoven
Voices uses the writings of Emily Dickinson, Anne Frank,
Langston Hughes, Helen Keller and Henry David Thoreau. Despite the
diversity of the subjects, and despite their relative isolation from their
cultures, Brown notes all five "were writing about universal human
themes — love, death, family, nightmares — though from vastly different
perspectives." It was this connection that fascinated Brown and prompted
him to create the play, a collection of excerpts from journals, letters, and
published works.

Since 1999, Brown's touring productions have been seen in 14 states and
Canada. With
Voices, he has created an innovative, exciting production
and gripping way to hear these voices anew. This fully staged production
can be presented with original incidental music or with a full choral score
and accompaniment.
© F. Reed Brown